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Thermotex™ Infrared Equine Therapy Systems

thermotex horse blanket


Thermotex™ Infrared Equine Therapy Systems are ideal for use on horses involved in equine disciplines such as horse racing, hunters, jumpers, polo, steeplechase and much more.

Thermotex™ Systems Have Two Main Applications:

  1. Relief of pain and soreness in muscles, joints & shins.
    -  Removes Lactic Acid build up in muscles.
    -  Removes soreness due to injury.
    -  Removes inflammation of the joints caused by arthritis.
    -  Removes sinus inflammation.

  2. Pre-competition use to dramatically improve performance.
    -  Enhances the respiratory system.
    -  Removes sinus congestion.
    -  Acts as a diuretic to help bleeders.
    -  Reduces lactic acid levels to prevent tying up.

All systems come with covers featuring adjustable Velcro fasteners and are machine washable. Covers are 100% nylon with a polyurethane coating. All systems also come with HI/LOW power settings. The infrared pads themselves are not washable or flexible, therefore should never be washed or bent.  more info

helping horses heal through thermotex "Helping Horses Heal" through Thermotex™ Infrared Therapy.
  by Ronald J. Riegel D.V.M. (111 page color book)

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